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Has your lounge become dirty and accumulated germs and bacteria on it? Are you also looking to get them cleaned and sanitised professionally? Dirty lounges create an unhygienic environment inside homes, and it is necessary to get them cleaned professionally every once in a while. Contact us for lounge cleaning services in Sydney. We are the most trusted and experienced lounge cleaning service provider in the city and have gained the trust of all our beloved customers since years of our service here.

Our professional team will make sure that the desired result is achieved without leaving any side effects behind. We also provide professional leather and fabric sofa cleaning service in Sydney. Book an appointment with us today, sit back and enjoy 100% satisfactory service.

Different Types Of Lounge Cleaning  Sydney Services That We Provide:


Shampooing the lounge is one of the oldest and the most trusted methods of cleaning lounges. It is done using a professional lounge cleaning shampoo along with a vacuum cleaner. The technique is such that it automatically catches the dust, germs, bacteria and all the other unwanted particles present on the lounge and cleans it thoroughly inside out.  

Hot Water Extraction  

As the name suggests, hot water is used to extract dirt and other unwanted particles out of the lounge. This method is also called the steam cleaning method. Hot water is sprayed in with high pressure that removes the dirt from the lounge, giving you a fresh, newly looking lounge. It also helps in getting rid of the fungus and bacteria stuck on the lounge.  

Dry Powder Method  

This is one of the fastest lounge cleanings in Sydney adopted by our professionals. A certified lounge cleaning powder is poured onto the lounge using a rotating machine that evenly distributes the powder over the entire couch. After 20 minutes of sprinkling the powder, it is removed using a vacuum cleaner which also pulls out the dirt from the lounge.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Professional Lounge Cleaning In Sydney?

There are many benefits to our professional fabric and leather lounge cleaning in Sydney. Some of these benefits include:

  • Maintaining a clean and well-ordered lounge can help improve your overall mood and productivity.
  • A properly cleaned lounge can make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your time at home.
  • A professional team of cleaners can remove all the dirt, dust and stains from your property quickly and efficiently.
  • You can be sure that our cleaners will make every effort to ensure that your property is clean and tidy when they leave.

What Services Do We Offer?

At professional lounge cleaning in Sydney, we offer a broad range of services. We can clean your lounge, kitchen, bedroom and more. We also have a variety of products and supplies that we can use to make your property look its best. Our team of cleaners is expert at removing all the dirt, dust and stains from your property – so you can relax and enjoy your stay in Sydney!

Steps We Follow while Providing Our Lounge Cleaning Services in Sydney

  • The first and foremost step at Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney is to use high-quality equipment to ensure easy and effective sanitisation.
  • All the products that we use or apply to upholsteries or lounges are environment-friendly. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and hence, have pledged to only use eco-friendly products while offering all our services.
  • The next step in the process is to make sure the solution is evenly distributed and dissolved in the lounge. It is one of the most crucial steps in cleaning and thus must be done carefully.
  • Later, we dry the carpets. In order to absorb the cleaning agent thoroughly, the lounge must be completely dried.
  • Further, we apply nourishing creams to your lounge so as to enhance the look and feel Fof the couch. We make sure the creams are of the best quality available and also produce a fragrance that is loved by all.

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    Dust Mite Removal with a Lounge Cleaning Treatment

    Have you seen a rise in allergies or migraines in your household recently? Did you know that if your sofa is kept dirty for an extended period of time, it might cause health problems? Upholstery is the most important, often used, and cherished component of your home’s decor. As a result, it needs prompt and adequate care and attention from trained specialists such as Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney. Otherwise, it causes an epidemic of health concerns among the residents.

    What are Dust Mites & Why Do You Need to Exterminate Them?

    Dust mites are micro-organisms that feed on dead human skin cells; they are invisible to naked human eyes and grow & develop rapidly. Their body parts, faces & eggs they lay are the most common household allergens that have been known to cause havoc in your home.

    Dust mite elimination is critical to avoid health hazards; nevertheless, many couch owners are ignorant of the dangers that dust mites pose and hence fail to seek treatment. Dust mites can impose health threats like coughing, sneezing, respiratory issues, skin allergies, throat infection, itchy eyes, migraine & even weakness in inhabitants. Only full-proof fabric and leather lounge cleaning services in Sydney can properly rid your home of dust mites.

    How Does Professional Lounge Cleaning Sydney Help Exterminate Dust Mites?

    Experts at Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney are skilled & well-equipped with apt training, experience & tools which aid them to exterminate dust mites efficiently.

    Experts carefully assess the couch before cleaning it; they favour steam cleaning treatment to properly eliminate dust mites. They use an organic solution to kill bacteria that are flourishing in the fabric, then steam clean and sanitise the sofa with a scotch protecting solution. The germs are killed by the steam’s heat, and the sanitisation solution prevents them from returning. In the case of leather lounge cleaning in Sydney, experts also condition the couch to prevent cracks.

    Dust mites feed on dead skin cells, and as losing skin cells is unavoidable, dust mite development is unavoidable, but exterminating them with an expert sofa cleaner in Sydney is crucial. Dust mites are too tiny to spot and flourish deep inside the fabric, so hiring specialists can help you keep your couch’s original lustre while also ensuring that it is completely safe to use.

    Leather Lounge Cleaning Service In Sydney

    Need to clean your leather lounge but do not have time to do it yourself? Look no further than our professional leather lounge cleaning service in Sydney. Our team of cleaners will take care of all your needs and leave your leather lounge looking and feeling its best. Contact us today to book your appointment!

    Why Should You Hire Us For Lounge Cleaning Sydney?

    We are amongst the best lounge cleaning service providers in the city of Sydney. We have been in the industry for years and thus, can cater to every customer’s demand suitably. Our highly skilled team of professionals provide 100% satisfactory service to all our customers.

    • The methods used are completely reliable and trusted
    • The products used are eco-friendly, hence moving towards sustainable development
    • Customer satisfactory service is guaranteed with Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney

    Book an appointment with us to experience the best lounge cleaning service. You do not have to worry about your dirty lounges anymore. We provide satisfactory services at reasonable costs to cater to all your needs. Call us today to book an appointment!