Sofa Stain And Upholstery Protection

Learn about Scotchgard Upholstery Protector:

This protector is like an invisible barrier in the middle of the upholstery fabric and spills, dirt, liquids etc. It acts like an additional protection layer that is important to keep the upholstery free of the external dirt, spills etc. A solvent-based product is applied on the sofa and that is the additional protective layer. This extra coating doesn’t allow any form of dirt, spills, liquids etc. to penetrate into the fabric of the upholstery. Thus, making it one of the best options for upholstery protection. Usually, upholsteries, sofa and couches get dirty very easily as people sit on them, drop their food, sweat accumulation takes place etc. Adding a protection layer of scotchgard upholstery protector is beneficial in the long run as it won’t let the upholstery get dirty easily. The sofa can then be regularly cleaned and maintained using the normal vacuuming process. Vacuum cleaning becomes easier and more efficient after adding this protective layer to the sofa.

Is Scotchgard Upholstery Protector worth it?

Scotchgard protector is extremely beneficial for anyone who wants to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of their upholstery furniture. The protective layer is a blessing and doesn’t let any dirt, liquid, spill penetrate into the upholstery fabric. It works wonders in maintaining the health of the upholstery furniture.

  • Doesn’t let liquid spills or dirt ruin the beauty of your sofa
  • The look and beauty of the sofa is intact
  • Doesn’t let dirt, mud or any other external substance penetrate into the sofa
  • Resists the growth of bacteria and other germs accumulated on the sofa
  • Helps enhance the lifespan of the upholstery and the sofa
  • Research suggests that scotchgard upholstery protector delays the wearing down of your furniture by 25% and ultimately is beneficial in the long run to maintain the life of the upholstery

Sofa Stain Protection

We all know how much effort and money we put into decorating our houses with unique designer furniture with exclusive sofa sets. These sofa sets enhance the beauty of our houses, but at the same time are also very delicate and can be spoilt easily by a stain, spills or drop etc. Especially, sofas that are lighter in shades, they need special care and attention as they easily get dirty and the stains or the dirt is visible clearly. This is where sofa stain protection comes to the rescue.

Here are a few suggestions for you to follow in order to do a DIY sofa stain protection:

  • Vacuum cleaning: Wiping and vacuuming your sofas always works the best for daily cleaning. Regular cleaning with vacuuming removes most of the dirt and keeps the sofa clean and maintained.
  • No direct contact with sunlight: Experts suggest that direct contact with the sunlight can be harmful for the sofa. The quality might deteriorate and the lifespan of the sofa might reduce by direct contact of the sofa with the sunlight.
  • Check up on the legs of the sofa: The sofa rests upon the legs, hence, the legs face immense amount of pressure and it is very important to maintain the health of the legs so that they can carry the sofa for a longer span of time.
  • Immediate stain removal: The best way to get rid of a sofa stain is to clean it the moment it appears on the sofa. Immediate cleaning will help you remove the stain quicker.

Tips to protect your sofa from stains:

Sofa Stain Protection can be a tough task, especially when you have kids and pets at home. They run around the house creating a mess everywhere and mostly ruining the furniture with stains of food, liquid spills etc. Hence, here are a few tips that will help you protect your sofa from stains:

  • The Right Fabric of Sofa: You must buy the right fabric of sofa that can be easily washed and cleaned using simple home remedies like wiping or vacuuming. A good quality sofa is recommended that will survive for a longer time than the rest.
  • A stain guard for sofa protection: Stain guards are one of the most preferred options available in the market to give your sofas protection from stains. They will also help in increasing the lifespan of your sofas.
  • Be Careful and Responsible: It is very important to be careful and responsible while using your sofas or any other expensive furniture that might have the risk of getting ruined quickly. While using the sofa make sure you don’t drop anything on it or do not put your dirty shoes or feet on it.

Above-mentioned tips come handy for sofa stain protection at home. However, even then if you find it difficult to maintain the beauty of your sofas on your own. You can call Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney and we’ll be at your service in no time.

Why hire us?

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