Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Are you in search of fabric cleaning services in Sydney? Your search has come to an end.

Sofa sets, lounges and couches are the places for people to take rest after a tiring day. We spend most of the times sitting on the couches, eating, drinking or sleeping there. Naturally, the fabrics of the sofas get dirty and germs, bacteria etc. get accumulated on them. Regular wiping of the sofas can’t remove the dirt from all corners and hence, it is important for you to appoint a professional fabric sofa cleaning service provider like Sparkle Couch Cleaning Sydney.

We cater to all your fabric sofa cleaning requirements making sure the stains and the dirt are gone from your couches.

Our expert team knows exactly how to treat different types of fabrics on sofa sets and lounges. We understand how difficult it is to clean sofa stains, especially those of food and drinks that leave stringent stains. Our team knows how to cater to these stains and remove them with the most suitable cleaning technique.

What reduces the lifespan of sofa fabrics is the wear and tear caused by the usage, pet’s hair, oil and other liquid spills etc. We know exactly how to clean these tough stains from any fabric that is there on your sofa sets.

Methods we use for stain removal:

  • Blotting motion: we use the blotting motion technique to remove rough stains from the fabric of your sofa, using white cloth or paper towels.
  • For cleaning, we use a solution that is widely accepted in the industry and thoroughly cleans the sofa evenly from all corners.

We take utmost care of the fabric as well as other parts of your sofas. We ensure no side effects or ruins from our side. Certain important elements that we take special care of are:

  • Discoloration
  • Shrinkage of the sofa fabric
  • Before cleaning, we ensure that the color of the fabric is not fading and only then, move ahead with the cleaning procedure
  • We dry the entire sofa properly so that it’s not wet from any corner.
  • Using hot dryer techniques, we ensure that no bacteria or germs are left behind in any corner of the sofa.

Measure we take as precautions to ensure satisfactory service is delivered:

  • We use vacuum cleaners for sofas as they work wonders for fabric sofa cleaning. They are not limited to just cleaning the floors
  • We ensure that the lifespan of your sofa is increased after the cleaning has taken place
  • We also ensure that the fabric of your sofa looks as good as a new one, after cleaned thoroughly
  • We use highly recognized cleaning tools to clean the sofa so that the dirt is removed from every corner of the couch and the fabric is not compromised.

Why appoint Sparkle Couch Cleaning for fabric sofa cleaning services?

  • Highly experienced professional staff members
  • We use eco-friendly products that are not harmful for the environment
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Our charges are extremely reasonable
  • We work for flexible hours ensuring customer convenience

Call and book an appointment for a satisfactory fabric sofa cleaning service from Sparkle Couch Cleaning.