Fabric protection is an additional layer of protection which is beneficial for the couch in the long run. However, it is not included in the cleaning service. Scotchgard protection layer is applied with additional charges if any customer wishes to get it.

Yes, all our upholstery cleaners are insured. You will never have any safety or security issues with us.

Sparkle Couch Cleaning team caters to all types of fabrics, all shapes, designs and types. Types of fabrics including synthetic fabrics, silk, acetate fabric, vinyl, wool, velvet, microfiber, suede, to leather, we clean all types of fabrics thoroughly and with utmost care. We use different products that are suitable for different types of fabrics so that the quality of fabric is not compromised on.

Our team has expertise in the field. We are experts in removing toughest of stains from your upholsteries and giving you a couch, sofa or a lounge that looks as good as new. We have the knowledge and the products required to clean these stains.

All our services have different charges. We assure you that all our rates are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. We do not accept any sort of advance payment. All the payment is accepted once the cleaning is done and the customer is satisfied with our service.

Everyday cleaning, wiping will not suffice for your upholsteries or even other types of furniture. It is important to get them professionally cleaned every once in a while, to avoid any dangers of unhygienic environment that is a home to diseases.

The usual drying time is around 6-12 hours but it depends on furniture type and the cleaning method adopted. We try to do it as per the customer’s needs and convenience.

In order to get a free quote for upholstery cleaning or any other furniture cleaning service you can give us a call on the contact details mentioned on the website or you can fill up the form. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss further.

Vomit is also a type of a spill. Our team would clean it and also make sure that we deodorise the couch after cleaning so that it smells pleasant.