Couch Cleaning: The perfect ways to preserve your upholstery

Our couches, sofas, take a lot of dust every day. No matter how much we clean them or try to take care of them, dust particles and dust mites somehow settle down in our couches.

We use our couches and sofas daily, we eat food on them, sit on them for hours, our pets lay on them, and in return, to clean them, we just give them a shiver.

It can seem impossible for upholstery furniture to get a deep clean; however, there are some tips you can follow in cleaning them.

Know the type of your couch fabric:

Before deep cleaning your couch, you read about the fabric used in the upholstery and the codes available on the tags.

These codes confirm whether water, dry cleaning detergent can be used or not.

Using a gentle brush:

Using a Gentle brush lightly on the couch can remove the dust particles and hair from the Sofa.

Using vacuum:

A vacuum is an excellent way to remove debris from your upholstery. You can often do this, usually after 2-3 days, to remove the exceeding amount of dust from the upholstery.

Professional couch cleaning makes your life easier:

Cleaning upholstery is not a simple task as it may seem; although you can clean your normal couches, if you are not aware of the sofa’s fabric, it’s best to leave it on professionals.

Its the best option to call the professionals when it comes to expensive couches and trickier fabrics, which you don’t know how to clean and make dust-free.

The professional Couch cleaners are experts in analysing the fabric and use proper cleaning methods.

It reduces the risk of replacing a set of upholstery:

Taking care of couches, covering them, or cleaning them yourself or hiring professional couch cleaners increases your furniture’s life, and it’s the opposite if you don’t. If you make it a habit of cleaning your couch or sofa upholstery by yourself or with professionals, the risk of damaging and replacing the set upholstery gets reduced.

It removes allergens, pollens, dust, and microbes:

We spend numerous hours on our couches, we eat our dinners on them, our pets use them, and most of us don’t bother to cover them before using. Our couch captures body oils, cooking odours, allergens, pollens, dust, microbes, airborne dust, and dirt, which reduces the life of the furniture and also looks pathetic.

To get rid of this, make a habit of cleaning your couch yourself or hiring a professional cleaner if you’re not aware of your fabric type and don’t want to ruin your couches and their looks.

You can also save your couches from a lot of dust and other materials by covering them using a piece of cloth.

Maintain the perfect condition to your sofa sets, couch, and upholstery:

Vacuum & dust on a daily basis: To keep the condition of your sofa sets, couches top-notch, make sure to vacuum and dust them regularly. If not possible by yourself, hire a maid to make sure no single gets skipped.

Avoid heat and sunlight:

Most of the couches’ leather and the fabric gets damaged when exposed to heat or sunlight. The sunlight can also spoil your upholstery by making it dull by shedding its original colour and can ruin its lavishness.

Cleans all the spills:

Make sure to clean all the spills immediately with perfect ingredients, so it doesn’t leave any stain.