5 couch cleaning services that you would want to avail in 2020 - Sparkle Couch Cleaning 5 couch cleaning services that you would want to avail in 2020 - Sparkle Couch Cleaning

5 couch cleaning services that you would want to avail in 2020

A home without furniture could never be a home. Furniture is necessary to sit, to lie, and for many more purposes. However, everyone wishes to buy worthy and long-lasting furniture according to their choices.

But you must agree with me if I say, in furniture, the material is used according to rate. However, to extend their life and make them more durable and attractive, we often search for different services.

The best part?

In this article, I’m going to tell you about five couches and sofa cleaning services. No matter which one you have purchased either leather, fabric, suede, or whatever. This article would be helpful to you in different ways.

So here are our five cleaning services which could help you to protect your furniture. Let’s get to it

Couch Cleaning for Suede Sofas

Keeping a cleaned couch is not an easy task, especially when you have children from the age of 4 to 11. In daily life, many types of food, juices, spots, and dust could make your sofa smelly and dirty. So you can try the following method to get rid of dirt and smell.

As suede is soft, so you have to buy a suede brush for cleaning. It is available at any shoe shop. We also recommend a stain remover spray which would help you to clean it thoroughly. Start spraying from one side of your couch and continue until it covers the whole area.

Now, instantly vacuum your cushions, as they may get dusty by complete week usage. After removing their dirt, wipe them with a suede brush.

So, in this way you can clean your couch for its long life and attractiveness.

Fantastic protection for leather couches

As leather couches are more durable than fabric or cotton made couches, So it involves less effort to protect and clean. Usually, leather is tough and won’t cross liquid things into it. However, without using and regular cleanup, black colour type spots may start to appear.

So, for their protection, there are many leather couch covers that you could use to cover them when you don’t use them. Also, protect them from direct sunlight. So, covering them is a better solution.

If we talk about the protection of leather as durability, then you have to clean it out. For cleaning leather, take some warm water not too much but of minor temperature. Leather cleaning cloth or sponge to clean stains on it. In this way, you can easily protect your leather couches.

Deep Cleaning for Cotton Sofa Set

The cotton sofa set is not easier to clean because its fibres readily absorb dirt. Not a big reason that it may start spreading odour due to the sweat of the human body. So, thoroughly vacuum the whole set and also cushions to remove dirt.

If you want to get rid of the odour, then try to wash pillows in the machine with vinegar. To remove silliness from cotton sofas, carry out your sofa set into that area where direct sunlight comes. Also, there are many stain repellent sprays made for cotton as well.

Silk Sofas Exquisite Couch Cleaning

Usually, to clean a silk couch, dry cleaning is mostly preferred. Because, when we use a silk friendly detergent, it may get over wet. This may increase your efforts to dry it out. So, first, try to vacuum it, and if stains remain, apply some Woolite detergent with a cloth.

After cleaning it, switch your fan on, don’t try to dry it with an air dryer or any warm air. It may result in the shrinking of foam in silk sofas.

Thorough Wool Couch Cleaning

Wool is not commonly used in home upholstery. However, in offices, there may be some couches that require cleaning from dust and stains. Usually cleaning wool by wetting it may result in colour fading or any other. So try to read its cleaning label first then apply any method. If it allows wetting, then use a solvent and water mixture to remove stains. And for dry cleaning, vacuuming is an easy way to remove dust from it.

So, these are some ways which could help you to clean and protect your upholstery. Remember one thing that stains repellent sprays may affect the colour of couches. So try to use it first on a formal cloth and then on your couch.