Couch Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid! Couch Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Couch Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Couches are an important part of your home décor yet they remain ignored during general cleaning of the house. Despite being aware that you need professional couch cleaning Sydney services, many homeowners rely on DIY hacks or simply ignore routine care of their sofas.

If you have been worried about your couch’s condition, then it is high time to avoid making cleaning mistakes that damage your valuable sofas. And, for your relief, we have mentioned a few cleaning mistakes you should avoid when trying upholstery cleaning Sydney!

Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Instruction

Your couches come with the manufacturer’s instructions. The label contains details about how the upholstery needs to be cleaned, which cleaning solvent needs to be used and how it should be dried.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions is one ideal way of cleaning your upholstery. As it does not only deep clean the fabrics but also helps in prolonging the lifespan of the couches.

Here, if you have been ignoring the instructions mentioned on the labels it is high time to avoid making such mistakes!

Wrong Cleaning Agent

Every couch fabric cannot be cleaned using a single approach or cleaning agent. Some fabrics can withstand harsh chemicals while most need mild cleaning solvents. However, if you continue using the wrong cleaning products for sofa cleaning Sydney your upholstery can be damaged prematurely.

If you have not been paying attention to the cleaning detergent you use for upholstery cleaning, it is high time you consider changing your cleaning solution. Prefer a mild detergent or hire experts for upholstery cleaning services.

Ignoring Patch Testing

Patch testing is important for the safety of your valuable upholstery. No matter if you are using a stain remover or any cleaning product, makes sure you check the chemical in an inconspicuous area first.

This is necessary for preventing fabric damage, and discolouration. If you have been ignoring patch testing, ensure you don’t repeat such mistakes. This will keep your couches safe and help in extending the lifespan of the upholstery.

Use of Inappropriate Cleaning Technique

Different couch fabric needs to be cleaned using a unique method. You cannot steam clean all kinds of upholsteries as heat and moisture are not suitable for upholsteries like leather.

It is important to clean the upholsteries based on the fabric type as it helps in deep cleaning and prolongs the lifespan of the fabric. Therefore, if you have been throwing your upholsteries in the machine for cleaning, make sure you don’t repeat such a mistake.

Consult an upholstery cleaning Sydney expert and get your couches cleaned using the ideal technique and modern tools!

Over-drenching the Upholstery

Cleaning couches is not a challenging task, especially when there are plenty of DIY hacks present on the internet. However, properly executing the couch cleaning process is the key to getting an outstanding result.

Most homeowner makes the mistake of over-drenching the upholstered couches when cleaning at home. You should avoid using excessive moisture as it can lead to mould and mildew growth which is the worst enemy of your couches.

Make sure you either steam clean your couches or hire experts for the job!

Not Hiring Experts

DIY couch cleaning is effective for minor problems. However, when it comes to severe problems and sofa stain protection Sydney no amount of DIY hack can work effectively.

Furthermore, if you have been solely relying on DIY hacks for upholstery cleaning, it is time to consider availing of professional services, as nothing beats the results of expert cleaning.

The professionals use appropriate cleaning techniques based on the upholstery fabric type and provide guaranteed services at affordable rates! Therefore, you should make sure to hire experts at least 2-3 times a year!

Final Words

These are a few mistakes you should avoid when trying sofa cleaning Sydney, to keep your valuable couches safe and prolong their lifespan.

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